Alex Lee worked as Music Associate on the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Summer 2023 staging of As You Like It alongside composer Will Gregory of Goldfrapp.


Alex Lee collaborated with Nick Powell on the soundtrack for David Greig’s acclaimed theatre adaptation of Alasdair Grey’s seminal novel Lanark, which debuted at the 2015 Edinburgh International Festival. Directed by Graham Eatough and featuring musical contributions from Nick McCarthy (Franz Ferdinand), Sarah Willson (Belle & Sebastian), Chin Keeler, Lucy Wilkins & Ted Milton amongst others, the play combines science-fiction, realism, fantasy, and playful storytelling.

Alex Lee has worked as a musical director and band leader for the Royal Shakespeare Company on the play Dunsinane, a modern day sequel to Shakespeare’s Macbeth written by David Greig. He also recorded the soundtrack for the BBC Radio 3 version of Dunsinane.